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Wellness is a journey. Let's make it joyful

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Did you know that making some simple lifestyle changes can do wonders for your body and mind? At WellM, we help you on your journey to adopt a lifestyle that keeps you mentally fit, physically healthy, and holistically well. From insights to action and from self-care to proactive diagnosis of emotional and physical wellbeing, we know the mantra of wellness pretty well.

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What does WellM bring to your wellness journey

At WellM, we act as a catalyst to promote a lifestyle that accelerates the healing power within us. We help individuals, organisations & educational institutes with proactive diagnosis of their physical and emotional wellness & provide sound expert advice, leading to enhanced performance & productivity.

A holistic approach to emotional and physical wellbeing

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Wellbeing for Employees
Success for Corporates

Empower those who empower your business with the gift of personalised wellness. Discover the direct relation between employee wellness and business success. Attract and retain talent with the culture of care.

Holistic Mind and Body Assesments

Get insights of your organisation's current state of wellness with WellM’s state-of-the-art Assesments

One-on-One wellness coaching

With a group of qualified coaches, give your employees the gift of getting quality coaching in their own safe space

Personalised Health Rituals for Daily Life

Targerted advisory for diet, fitness and emotional health for sustainable wellbeing

Community Engagement & Selfcare

Share your feelings and concerns safely within a community and get expert guidance from coaches and selfcare help

Culture of Care and Good Health

Caring culture leading to enhanced satisfaction and productivity along with lower absenteeism and attrition


WellM Success Stories


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A healthy student today is a successful professional tomorrow

Help your students discover their best selves as they embrace adulthood. Enable every student with the skills of self-love and self-care via the WellM App.

The WellM app provides a hub of safe spaces for diverse youth communities to discuss a range of relatable topics. Each university is also provided with it’s own ring-fenced community space.

Discover WellM’s University Experience:


Assess Your Wellness

Take digital assessments on the App. Discover your current state of physical and emotional wellness


Ring-Fenced Safe Space

A digital support system exclusive to your university on our app that nurtures camaraderie.


Individual Counselling

Book budget friendly one-on-one counselling sessions with expert coaches on our App.


Personalised Content

Get targetted self-care content, based on your wellness tracker, to help you build healthy habits.

You have a friend in me

Express yourself freely with the WellM App. Track your mood and physical activity, have community discussions and book dedicated sessions with a wellness coach all through the WellM app.

Try it out for yourself.

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Holistic Wellness Coaching Program

WellM looks forward to passing on its ways to help develope your business as a wellness professional.

Power your practice with WellM’s tech platform. Gain access to a network of wellness pros and clients seeking wellness support.

Look no further to learn how to harness the strengths of both body and mind. Provide holistic wellness solutions to your clients.



Leadership cards for those who are on the team

Rakesh Sarin

Founder & Chairman

A joyful heart has tremendous power to heal

Leadership cards for those who are on the team

Shivi Sabharwal

Co-Founder & Director

Love Selflessly, Give Joyfully, Speak Consciously, Dance Carelessly, Live Blissfully and Receive Abundantly

Leadership cards for those who are on the team

Sougat Chatterjee

Co-Founder & COO

Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind

Leadership cards for those who are on the team

Divyansh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Be the smile that you want to spread to the world

This is why we are able to help people live a healthy and happy life

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Our mission is to promote good health and great performance

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